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Western Digital [32] is an American brand.

Western Digital's thousands of people around the world are working tirelessly to help customers collect, manage and use digital information. The company's hard drives are reliable and can be found anywhere digital information and content is present: from desktop and laptop computers to external storage devices and personal video recorders. The company's customers include several of the world's largest computer and electronic product companies, and readers may also be one of the company's customers and are now using WD hard drives.

The company's largest-capacity hard drive securely stores customers' videos, music and photos on the desktop, runs quietly, generates little heat, and reads content quickly. Knowing that customers like to carry their personal digital data with them, the company has developed compact hard drives for laptops and portable storage devices that are more power-efficient and durable. Western Digital Corporation (Western Digital Corp, WDC) is a world-renowned hard disk manufacturer, founded in 1970, headquartered in California, USA, with branches all over the world, providing storage products for global users.

Western Digital offers a wide range of technology products, including storage systems, platforms and data center hard drives for data centers; mobile flash memory for in-vehicle, connected home, industrial and IOT, smartphones and tablets, surveillance in mobile terminal and computing environments cards; and internal hard drives for computing, enterprise, gaming, NAS, and surveillance[1] .

For a long time, Western Digital has been committed to providing comprehensive storage solutions for personal computer users around the world. As a pioneer and long-term leader in the storage industry, Western Digital has rich experience and good experience in the organization of collecting, managing and using digital information for users. 's reputation. Western Digital ranks second in the global HDD market, second only to Seagate with a 35.4% market share in the third quarter of 2019. [2] In the NAND flash memory market, Western Digital ranked third in revenue in the second quarter of 2019, after Samsung and Toshiba. [3] In February 2020, Western Digital took the lead in completing the research and development of 112-layer fifth-generation 3D NAND, consolidating its leading position in the industry. [4-5]

In 2011, Western Digital acquired Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) for $4.3 billion [6], which had acquired IBM's hard drive division for $2 billion in 2002 [7]. On October 22, 2015, Western Digital announced the acquisition of flash memory manufacturer SanDisk for $19 billion in cash and stock. In May 2016, Western Digital completed the acquisition of Sandisk for $16 billion. [8] In November 2016, Western Digital and Ziguang established Ziguang Western Digital Company in Nanjing with a registered capital of US$158 million, of which Western Digital and Ziguang held 49% and 51% of the shares respectively. [9] In September 2017, Western Digital acquired Toshiba’s semiconductor business for $18.3 billion. [10]

In 2019, it ranked 370 in the world's top 500 most valuable brands [11]. In 2019, the company with the highest salary in the United States ranked 22nd [12].

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