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FocalTech was established in Silicon Valley in the United States in 2005, and has rapidly developed into the world's leading provider of human-machine interface solutions.

The company has more than 800 employees and is committed to providing highly competitive 2D/3D touch solutions, display driver solutions, touch display integrated single-chip solutions (IDC), and fingerprint identification solutions for mobile electronic devices. The sales network is all over the world. The annual shipment exceeds 700 million, and the shipment of touch chips has been leading the industry for many years.

Duntai Electronics Co., Ltd. (stock code 3545.TW) was established in the United States in 2005, dedicated to the research and development of human-machine interface solutions, providing highly competitive capacitive screen touch chips and TFT LCD display drivers for mobile electronic devices Chip, touch display integrated single chip (IDC supporting in-cell panel), fingerprint identification chip and pressure touch chip, etc.

FocalTech is one of the world's leading companies engaged in the research and development of capacitive screen multi-finger touch technology in the industry, and is also the world's leading capacitive screen touch chip provider in terms of shipments. It provides users with a complete capacitive touch screen solution in the world. Duntai insists on independent research and development, and has more than 700 domestic and overseas technical patents. In addition to supporting traditional touch modules, in the fields of In-cell and On-cell with high technical thresholds, we have developed products that can effectively meet the needs of thin and light touch screens. Advanced mass-produced solutions, leading the world in a number of technologies.

FocalTech has been engaged in the research and development, production and sales of TFT LCD display driver chips since its establishment, and in January 2015, it officially acquired Orise Tech, a well-known display driver chip manufacturer, which greatly strengthened its leadership in this field. It provides global users with a full range of LCD display drive solutions, and has laid a more solid foundation in new technology fields such as IP, image processing algorithms, digital signal processing, analog circuits, and energy saving.

With its profound accumulation in the field of touch and display, Duntai is unremittingly committed to the development of new technologies in the field of human-computer interaction, and successively launched the industry-leading fingerprint recognition solution and 3D multi-touch single-chip solution in 2015. Fingerprint identification field: Provide a full range of product layout and excellent user experience. 3D touch field: Leading the industry in launching a single-chip high-performance solution that can support both multi-touch and multi-point pressure touch, and can recognize the pressure operations of two fingers with different strengths at the same time, advancing the pressure touch technology to the multi-point era .

The Super In-cell technology independently developed by Duntai innovates the traditional self-capacitance technology, retains the advantages of simple self-capacitance architecture, breaks through the traditional self-capacitance detection technology to realize multi-touch, and can be applied to various panel display technologies such as Amorphous and LTPS. excellence. The Super In-cell touch display integration technology is different from the traditional touch display separation technology that uses multiple ICs. Only one integrated chip (IDC) can drive the touch display integrated panel, which can simplify the original complex supply chain. , so as to save a lot of production costs and provide the industry with more cost-effective high-end solutions.

FocalTech adheres to the "customer-oriented" principle of action. From the beginning of its establishment, it has established technical support outlets in the core service areas. With the expansion of its business, it has continued to increase. So far, it has formed a global sales & technical service network. It aims to provide convenient and efficient localized technical support services for customers at home and abroad, and provide solid technical support for more than 2.5 billion mobile intelligent terminal devices using Duntai technology solutions in the world.

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